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The Growing Climate Threat from Halocarbon Refrigerants (CFCs, HCFCs & HFCs)

Halocarbons are industrially produced gases whose main use is as refrigerants in fridges, freezers and in air conditioning systems. The largest source of halocarbon emissions is commercial refrigeration, including food storage [1].  Although refrigerant gases are emitted in relatively small … Continue reading

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Food security threat as global grain yields plateau.

Lester Brown, a former US government plant scientist and  founder of the Earth Institute, Washington, says many countries, including France, Germany and the UK may not be able to increase food production because many staple crops are close to their … Continue reading

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UK becoming a net importer of wheat! Implications for food security and biofuel policy.

Should 1st generation bioethanol production be suspended to help avert food grain shortage and price spikes in the face of low yields / harvest? Following last summer’s diminished harvests around the world, things have got from bad to worse for … Continue reading

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SOS – Save Our Soils!

We get 99 percent of our food from the soil. Yet through neglect, lack of knowledge or abuse, much of the worlds soil is degraded, eroded or turned to desert. In the EU alone, the EC Soil Impact Assessment of … Continue reading

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