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  • Assessing sustainability of HGV biofuel options for the UK Retail Industry,
    MSc Thesis, Imperial College, 2012.
    Author: Daniel Kieve, Supervisor: Dr Jeremy Woods

    The aim of this MSc thesis was to assess the sustainability of alternative biofuels, suitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles in the UK. It also sought to determine which biofuels have the greatest potential to help the retail industry and the UK transport sector as a whole, achieve 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.
    To achieve these aims, the constraints and opportunities involved in achieving emissions reductions for this vehicle category were examined, including the potential role for biofuels. A model to assess the greenhouse gas emission savings potential of the various alternative fuels was developed as well as an appropriate sustainability benchmarking tool to evaluate which of the fuels and production pathways under consideration best meet the key sustainability criteria.
    It was found that biomethane was the most likely biofuel to contribute to sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. However this would only be the case if an adequate supply of sustainable feedstock and adequate infrastructure could be assured.


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